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If we mated… September 30, 2008

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Well, we don’t have to rely on Conan O’Brien’s super technology that he uses for the “If they mated” segment on his television show. (I am not sure if they call it that. Can’t say I’ve been up to watch it in a while. I did happen to catch the Jimmy Kimmel show they other night during a late night feeding. Frankly, I think watching my son spit up was more entertaining). Anyway, a long-winded introduction to share a photo with you all for your consideration.

Think Shepard is starting to look like any other family members?


When cutting back on dining, consider eating breakfast out September 29, 2008

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Dining out gets expensive. If you’re cutting back in this economy, we suggest dinner at home and breakfast on the town. Breakfast is cheaper. Even the fancy entrees top out under $15, most stay closer to $8. And, it’s not often you order a bottle of wine or martini with french toast.

Many TC chefs offer local ingredients and epicurean delight in the morning hours. Victor’s is our fall-back (always good Cuban fare) but this weekend we discovered Zumbro is Minneapolis’ Linden Hills. Strolling toward Dunn Bros from Wonderment (unique and exceptional kid’s toys) it was easier to spot the growing crowd than the cafe.

The wait was long, but worth it. Think smooth, rich coffee, surprisingly good french toast with apple compote, and a clean and basic space that over delivers on ambiance–for about half the cost of dinner.


Perfect Fall Pairings September 28, 2008

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Mums and pumpkins (the flowers and gourds too!)

Backyard bonfires, thanks to Blois and Lou Ann, and wine (we recommend, Cline’s Cashmere).

New jeans and a brisk walk.

iPod and mowing the lawn (instead of raking).


Two years later… September 22, 2008

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Just two years ago at this time we were making our way across town to our wedding reception in St. Paul. In many ways, marriage is exactly what I expected; Colin lives where I live, we love each other. But, in others it’s a constant surprise.

We occasionally dig out the wedding program to read the words we surrounded ourselves with that day. The Servant’s Song lingers in my mind, “pray that I may have the strength to let you be my servant too.”

It’s a new season today, and a new season in our life…the anniversary table setting says it all!


More pictures September 19, 2008

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If you haven’t had your Shep fix lately, here are some pictures just for you. Pictures of Shep resting, hanging out with his grandparents, not watching TV as his dad does, being monitored by his pal Henry, his visit with his Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle Chuck, and just chilling with Lil Lion Happy Hang Out.

P.S. I can hardly believe that I have been blessed with a beautiful son and a winning season for the Cubs. What are the odds? (Shauger, maybe you can answer this one).


Is it a sign? September 17, 2008

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There are 3 songs that instantly transport me back to childhood to my mom’s car (the front seat too!). Gloria. Take a Chance on Me. And some song from Flashdance. Later came my mom’s country-music phase. Anyway, I think it’s part of the official uniform of parenthood that your music tastes freeze at some point so that by the time your kid is 13 they think you’re lame. And, as if all the “they grow up so fast” warnings weren’t enough, yesterday standing at the Target checkout I’m informed by an endcap display that Coldplay, Jack Johnson and others I’ve already forgotten have released new albums. I’m doomed!


Up at 4 am September 13, 2008

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At around 4am, Meg says to me quietly, “We didn’t talk about this before we went to bed, but I am not feeling well…” She didn’t really finish the sentence and she didn’t need to. I’ve already learned the short hand for “it’s your turn, bub.”

Actually, that’s fine. Meg’s been great about getting up and doing a majority of the feedings since I’ve been back to work this week. She got a little help from her mama this week to. And, even though I think I am still fighting a cold myself, mine seems to be on the way out. That means, yes it is my turn.

Meg feels the first feeding of the night is the trickiest because one’s body is in denial, as if to say “No, I just fell asleep, what are you doing?” I think the early morning feeding can be tricky, too. Especially, when you add in a restless basset hound.

Anyway, I am up super early on a Saturday. But, I’ve managed to soothe our savage beasts and it’s actually pretty quiet around here. So, I am taking advantage of it all. Whoops, spoke too soon…

BTW, some new vital stats from Shep’s last doctor visit.

Vital Stats

Weight: 6 lbs 13 ozs

Length: 21 inches