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Vital Stats October 28, 2008

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Shepard James at 2 months…

10 lbs 6.5 ounces (25th percentile)

23″ long* (75th percentile)

Cute, cute, cute (100th percentile)

*I think it’s funny that we measure babies in length–I wonder when exactly we make the switch from saying such and such inches “long” to such and such “tall.”


Little bits of a week October 26, 2008

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This week was full of running here and there to get ready for next week when I return to work.

We dropped off the requisite supplies to day care; Jacob and Owen were very excited to see Shepard awake.

We met with Ken from faith formation at St. Stephen’s regarding Shepard’s baptism November 8. He assured us that Shepard is effectively baptized now, as his has “baptism by desire.” I like this concept, and am considering applying it to diaper changes…desiring=done!

And, perhaps the biggest deal of all was the overnight at G&G Slatter’s Friday night. While Colin and I enjoyed a restful night’s sleep and got down to business with chores and errands Saturday, Shepard enjoyed quality time with Grandma and Grandpa.


Doggone-it! Enough with the cry-baby October 18, 2008

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What about us?

The hounds are holding up rather well, considering all the commotion. Henry’s been going to school on Wednesday nights to learn a thing or two. He failed Level 1 on the first attempt, but later was granted a “mercy pass,” we’re so proud! We can only hope to do better with Shepard. Sophie is a lost cause.


Coxblog…now with video! October 15, 2008

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Ok, so the blog wasn’t intended to be all-Shep all the time, but I’m sure the grandads, grandmamas, grandaunts and uncles don’t mind! Enjoy the videos.

This is Shepard playing just moments ago in his lil’ lion happy hangout.


None to fond of baths October 13, 2008

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Since when is bathing such torture?

And, these wild claims about “no tears” shampoo…untrue!

If you’re keeping track, the list of dislikes now reads: heel pricks, diaper changes, and baths.

Thankfully, we recovered. I love this look, it’s so, “Mom, was that really necessary?”

And, by bedtime, Shep was warm, content and quiet!


Annual Trip to Aamodt’s October 12, 2008

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Saturday we loaded up the family car and like thousands of Minnesotans, made the trek to the apple farm/pumpkin patch. It’s unseasonably warm in Minnesota which makes for a strange experience at fall festivals. 75 degrees and hot cider?

This was the third year that Colin and I have gone and of course, the first for Shep! He may have been a bit over dressed in his autumnal sweater, but he’s cute in photos so…

It’s not official, but a recent weigh-in has Shep tipping the scales at 9 1/2 lbs–or in fall-terms about a $10 pumpkin.

More recent photos here.