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About August 31, 2008

Hi! We’re the Coxes of St. Louis Park. We were married in 2006 and since then we’ve: moved, adopted another basset hound, and had a baby!

Family blogs are funny. They don’t really keep people in touch, but they keep readers a little closer to what’s happening here. So, enjoy. We hope to update frequently with photos, stories, ideas, useful or funny links and maybe a few jokes.

Hope this finds you happy and healthy. Know that you are near our hearts and thoughts always.

Visitors welcome…unless you are a “lurker” then, shoo!


Colin, Meg, Shep & the hounds


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Gary...... Grandpa Says:

    Hello Shepard, You are a lucky guy to have a Mom and Dad like you do. As for me, your Grandpa, I look forward to FUN times and hangin’ out.

    Love, GrandPa

  2. Nice site and a good idea. You can keep a “journal” of all the special events for your family.

  3. I forgot to mention that I got her by clicking “go to random blog.” It’s a great way to see blogs you would not necessarily get to see.

  4. I am sorry – I just read the last line of your “About” post and I guess I do not qualify to be looking at your post. Please delete my comments – and again, I apologize.

  5. Elle Weber(Shep's cousin) Says:

    Hi!! I recently hung out with the master at “Bowling Balls” at Auntie Stacy’s house!!! Happy Nw Year!!:)

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